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We were very lucky to have chicks in our classroom for the whole week, the children had lots of opportunities to hold the chicks and became very confident in doing this as the week went on.

We watched them hatch and grow and by the end of the week some had even grew full feathers on their wings.

We were very sad to see the chicks go on Friday.

In our English lessons, we have been preparing for our Hot Write on character descriptions. We used Bog Baby as a stimulus and started to create our own characters called Swamp Creatures.

In maths, the children have been working very hard on their new unit of addition and subtraction, they have been learning how to present their learning using the squares in our maths books and have been looking at different types of part-whole models.

In Robin’s class this week, the children have been working hard during their maths lessons on place value.

Year 1 have been looking at tens and ones up to 20 and Year 2 have been looking at tens and ones up to 100.

In English, we have nearly finished our unit on instructions and have begun to plan for our end of unit hot right.

In RE we looked at the creation story, and what the creator, our God might look like and how he acts.

Finally, in history we discussed the different jobs on Pudding Lane in 1666 during the Great Fire of  London. The children explained which jobs they would have liked and which jobs they wouldn’t have liked if they lived in that time.

Thank you for another great week Robins! 

We have had another busy week in Class1.

In Literacy, we wrote a recount of our zoo trip. We learned that a recount needed an introduction, time words, events in the order they happened and a conclusion at the end saying how we felt about the trip.

In Maths we have been revising our addition and subtraction methods. Year 2 have been adding two 2-digit numbers by partitioning into tens and ones and we also learned how to add in columns. Year 1 are able to add and subtract by counting on or back, some using a number line and some of us can do it in our heads.

In this term's Design Technology lessons we are learning to prepare food. We have planted some salad seed in grow bags and hope we will have some lettuce leaves for out DT lessons towards the end of term.

In RE, Class 1 have started our new topic of 'Special Places.' The children had a lovely discussion about their favourite place and why it was special.

We have also started learning our dances for the Summer Fair and we are very impressed with how well children are skipping around the maypole.

Well done Class 1!

This week we have been so impressed with our Year 2 children. They have undertaken their SATs and they have worked so hard showing our value of resilience even when they found the questions challenging. They have made us so proud with their brilliant attitude to their learning!

The Year 2 children have continued to look at fractions in Maths whilst the Year 1 children have recapped their knowledge of making fact families.

Our Literacy unit is based on poetry so this week we have been exploring using similes in our writing and then next week we move on to alliteration and tongue twisters.

Our Geography lesson continued to look at maps of the local area but the focus this time was to use symbols to represent features.

Another very busy week!

We have had a very busy week in Class 1.
In Maths Year 1 have continued finding halves and quarters in shapes or quantities. Year 2 have been identifying thirds and finding one third of a quantity. It was fantastic to see some children linking this to their division work.
In Literacy we had our 'Hot Write' and wrote letters independently. We were very impressed with how much the children remembered about setting out a letter.
We had lots of fun in Geography this week, creating maps of the local area using Lego, blocks and other construction materials.
In Art we learned about primary colours (red, yellow and blue) and secondary colours (purple, green and orange.) We then experimented and mixed two primary colours to make a secondary colour first with play-do and then with paint.
In PE the children continued to practise their hand ball skills of aiming, throwing and catching.