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Another amazing week for Merlin's class.

The pupils, and staff, all had an amazing time on Tuesday this week visiting West Lodge Farm and taking part in a Forest School session. The children's behaviour was exemplary, Mrs McGinn was extremely proud of them. The weather was kind to us, and it was a little less muddy than the last time we went. The children spent the day building dens, making wool crafts, crafting bows and arrows, toasting marshmallows and whizzing down the mud slide on cutting boards! 

In our science this week we have been learning about teeth, their purpose, names and how to look after them. We have set up an experiment to see the effects of different liquids on an eggshell, a similar material to our teeth's enamel. We will see what has happened over the weekend when we return to school on Monday. The children are excited to see if their predictions will be correct! 

Merlin's have really enjoyed their French lesson this week, we have extended their understanding of some of the greetings in French and can now use some related to the time of the day. We also worked on some of the pronunciation of French sounds (phonics) which are quite different. 

In our History session we have researched the lives of the rich and poor in Ancient Egypt and the children noticed some very big differences. They felt that the society of Ancient Egypt was not entirely fair and that the poor had no chance of making a change in their lives to improve their situation. 

We have been studying the book of Genesis in our RE sessions and we have come to the conclusion, after a strong debate, that the bible is considered by many Christians to be a guide on how they should live their lives. After attempting to complete the playground maze with a blindfold they found it was much easier to be successful with a guide and a little support. 

In Maths we have begun to apply our previous learning about place value to help us solve addition and subtraction questions and in English we have begun to explore a variety of Reports. 

This week Merlin's have completed their first hot write, concluding our English unit based on 'Feeling at Home'. They all made a huge effort with their writing and I am incredibly proud of them.

In Maths we have been looking at number lines; placing, ordering, rounding and comparing number to 1000 and 10,000. 

The children have really enjoyed learning about the hierarchy of the Egyptian society and enjoyed taking on different roles in class.

In Science we have continued our journey looking at the digestive system and the children can identify, name and place the different organs involved.

PE was great this week with pupils pushing themselves to improve the distance which they can throw a discus (or quoit), they can beat Mrs McGinn with ease! 

Merlin's have made a great start to the new school year; everyone has come in with a positive attitude and have risen to the new challenges of being a junior. 

In our history lessons we are learning about civilisations; focusing on the Ancient Egyptians. The children have been able to find and place the Ancient Egyptian period on the timeline and have learnt the meaning of the terms BC and AD.

Science has been entertaining this week with the children learning a short action song to remember all of the different organs involved in the digestive system and their roles in digesting food.  

The children have been working on improving their confidence with place value in maths, extending their understanding of larger numbers to 1000 and 10,000.

In English we have shared the stories 'The Blue House' and 'I'll take you to Mrs Cole'. We will be applying some of their features to plan and write our own story next week about 'feeling at home'.     

This week the year 4’s completed their multiplication tests.

They have been work-ing very hard for this all year and did themselves very proud.

We had a very exciting trip on Wednesday to Hamerton Zoo. The children showed all our school values and represented Pytchley school very well. They saw a range of different animals whilst walking round the zoo and we attended a camou-flage workshop where we learnt all about how reptiles, mammals and birds adapt to their environments/ habitats. We finished the day off with a play and ice lolly in the park.

Thankyou for a fantastic week Class 2!