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This week Kite class have completed their first hot write in our English lessons.

The children were all able to write an adventure story and it was really pleasing to see everybody attempting to use paragraphs and make their writing more interesting by using description and thinking carefully about their word choices. 

In our Maths lessons we have come to the end of our Place value unit of work and are moving on to using the 4 number operations accurately. We have begun by looking at addition and subtraction.

Our Science this week has focussed on our pulse and why our hearts beat more quickly when we do exercise. We went onto the playground and completed different activities for a minute and took our pulse to see what had happened. We completed a graph and tried to write an explanation of our findings.

We have worked hard on trying to use perspective in our art work. The children had a practise of drawing a scene in perspective in preparation for us to use paint in the coming weeks.

A really busy week. Well done everyone.

Kite class have made a wonderful start to the year. 

They have a wonderful attitude to learning and are already creating a good standard of work.

We have been working on place value in our Maths lessons focussing on numbers up to 10 million. Yr 6 can now round to any number and yr 5 have worked on rounding up to 100,000.

Our English lessons have been based around the picture book ‘Journey’. We have had some great discussions about what the       children can infer from the pictures and what they think will happen next in the story. We have begun to write descriptive sentences based on the story, in preparation for writing our own stories next week.

Our Science lessons have focussed on the circulatory system. We   simulated this system on the playground with the children being the blood that is pumped around the body! They were then able to write detailed sentences about what happens.

Swimming lessons have been a big success so far this term. Everybody is trying hard to improve their skills.

I have really enjoyed getting to know you all over the last couple of weeks.

Well done everybody.

This week yr 5 and 6 have been writing persuasive letters in our literacy lessons. They have been learning to use persuasive techniques and using formal lan-guage in their writing. Some children have tried to persuade parents to buy them a new laptop, some trying to persuade Mrs Watts to let us have a class pet and some, to Pytchley council asking them to improve the village park! They certainly are highly skilled in persuasion!

Our Maths lessons have focussed on 3D shape. We have learnt about nets of shapes and have tried to visualise 3D shapes from their nets.

On Wednesday, a group of 8 children represented the school at a swimming com-petition. There behaviour, as always, was excellent and I was proud of their ef-forts.

In our Science lesson, we have been learning about the properties of materials. We have conducted investigations into evaporation and were amazed that when we mixed salt and water, the water evaporated and left us with salt again. We have also used filtering as a method of separating mixtures.

A super week Yr 5 and 6.

This week Year 5 and 6 have been learning about angles in Maths. Year 5 have learnt how to use a protractor whilst Year 6 have used a protractor to draw angles.

In our Literacy lessons, we have focused on using speech to convey character’s feelings and to move the action on in our adventure stories. We have tried really hard to make sure all of our speech has been punctuated correctly.

In our Music lessons, we have been listening, appraising and then creating our own tune that can be played to the beat in ‘’Dancing in the Street’’. We are becoming much more adventurous with our rhythms.

This week has been SATs week for Year 6. There were a few nervous faces on Tuesday morn-ing, but a bacon sandwich seemed to settle everyone and put smiles back on faces! I have been so proud of each of them: everyone has tried their very best and shown our values of resilience and perseverance.
They have finished their week with a lunch time treat and fun Friday afternoon.
Year 5 have continued with their learning and have enjoyed a few extra PE sessions in the after-noons.
Well done everyone!