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Pytchley Primary School Mathematics Curriculum.

Here at Pytchley CE Primary School we believe that children learn best in maths when concepts are broken down into manageable steps.

We use appropriate concrete resources alongside other models and representations throughout the school to ensure children are exposed to multiple representations of a concept.  This is part of our CPA (Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract) approach and resources are chosen which draw attention to underlying structures. The school use the White Rose Maths Hub Scheme of Work in order to achieve this. 

Whilst we teach Mathematics in progressive, distinct domains (units of work) we recognise that Mathematics is an interconnected subject.  Therefore, we encourage children to make connections across mathematical ideas to develop fluency, mathematical reasoning and competence in solving increasingly sophisticated problems.  Children also apply their mathematical knowledge across the curriculum, and particularly in Science, where relevant. 

Tables Rockstars

After trialling the online program last year, we have decided to grant the privileged title of 'Times Tables Rock Star' to all our juniors who have demonstrated that they know all their times tables by heart.  These TT Rock Stars have an online area to practice responding to questions, battling each other or taking part in online 'festivals'.  Our current fastest pupils are answering tables questions at an average speed of one every 1.5 seconds (cue air guitar...).

Times tables are an important foundation for confidence and competence in mathematics.  They occur frequently in more complex ideas, give confidence when they are internalised and enable our mathematicians to use their brain power to process more complicated details when solving problems and puzzles.

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