Class 2 are a mixed class of Year 3 and 4 children; we study two countries or topics each year. Most of the work covered will be linked to the countries in the overview. (See the side bar for more information on our current topic).

This week we were very lucky to be able to have a cooking class! Everyone made a lovely vegetable cous cous, BBQ chicken drumstick and cookie for pudding. All children enjoyed this session, cutting their own vegetables into chunks and rolling their cookie dough into balls. In the classroom, we have started reading our new novel for English which is The Witches, by the end of this unit the children will write their own story in the style of Roald Dahl! In science, we carried out an experiment where we put white egg shells into coke, coffee, water and vinegar to see the effect those liquids have on our teeth. We will be leaving these over the weekend and look forward to seeing the results on Monday.

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This week the children finished the place value topic in maths! We have learnt lots about rounding, number lines, comparing numbers, negative numbers and even Roman Numerals! Next week we will move onto our next topic of addition and subtraction. In English the children planned, drafted and wrote their Hot Writes. I was really impressed with the content of their writing and they included the writing techniques we covered in this unit. The children showed what they have learnt in their science topic so far by drawing and annotating a picture of the human digestive system. We finished the week by introducing some of the many Egyptian Gods. Another great week.

What a week! We had another brilliant session of swimming, I got in the pool myself and really enjoyed it! The children are growing in confidence in the water and beginning to learn a variety of techniques such as floating, push and glides and some are learning how to front crawl. The children have enjoyed reading and analysing our two texts during English lessons, they have impressed me with their great ideas, vocabulary and interpretations. In science this week we learnt about the digestive system and all the organs involved. The children carried out an activity where they crushed crackers, bananas and orange juice together, replicating the stomach before it travelled through the intestines (a stocking). We finished the week with some fantastic ideas of how we can be stewards of God’s creation. Thank you for another great week Class 2.

This week Class 2 have made me feel so welcome and I am very happy to be their new class teacher! We had a very exciting start to the week with our first visit to the swimming pool, I was very proud of every child who took part as they were brave, sensible and well behaved - the instructor said they were the best group of children she has ever had in the pool! We have also been looking at the different types of teeth and why it is so important to keep them clean and healthy. On Thursday, we had a go at creating our own rhythmic patterns using percussion instruments. The children have made a great start to their maths and English units this week, I look forward to see what next week brings. 

Miss Haughton-Brown.