Class 3 Letters

In Years 5 and 6, pupils are encouraged to refine their levels of effort, their attitude and to be responsible for their actions. They are supported to evaluate their own performance within lessons; to provide appropriate feedback to each other on progress in lessons; to manage their feelings and needs politely and carefully; to adopt a growth mindset when faced with challenges; to push themselves; to communicate effectively with others; to take on board advice and feedback from others; to be a positive role model within school and to be responsible for their actions.

All Year 6 pupils are expected to support the younger pupils in school and to take an active role in promoting our school values. They organise and support with the delivery of assemblies, work at the tuck shop amongst other areas of responsibility.


Pupils are expected to read at least four times a week at home. Preferably more often to increase their vocabulary, extend their ability to imagine and visualise, increase their language skills amongst other important life skills.

Pupils in Class Three are also expected to practice their 5 weekly spellings often enough during the week to get them all correct when tested on Fridays. Pupils are expected to know what the words mean and to use them in conversation and in their independent writing.

CGP books are used to provide appropriate homework tasks (to consolidate what has taken place in school) for punctuation and grammar, mathematics and reading comprehension.

Pupils in Year 6 can also access the following online learning sites:

  • Exemplar education (English and maths)
  • Prodigy game (maths)
  • Purple Mash.(a variety)

In Class 3, homework is handed out and collected in on Fridays