Curriculum Update

There have been exciting changes to our curriculum this academic year with each class exploring a different country through their learning.

Reception and Year 1

Year1WorkWe have explored the underground world of Britain and have enjoyed learning about the creatures and plant life found around us. We also went further afield and learned about the burrowing mammals in Australia.This term we have been ‘travelling’ on our underground train to landmarks in London. We’ve discovered interesting facts about the people and places from London today and in the past. Miss Loach’s class are currently discovering the dinosaurs at the National History Museum and Miss Curran’s class have been busy ‘visiting’ the Science museum, finding out about Light, Dark and Electricity.We will shortly be visiting Father Christmas at the North Pole and will remain in the Artic next term.

Year1Work1We will compare our locality to the villages of the people in colder climates and discover what it’s like to live there. Later on in the year we will explore further afield, looking at space, living on an island, Cornwall and life under the sea. In reception we use the Read Write Inc sounds to develop pupils phonic knowledge which is continued through Years 1 and Years 2. The books are used to develop sound patterns to help children with their reading and writing. Children work through a colour coded reading scheme which offer a wide range of reading material, some of which are the Oxford Reading Tree books.

Year 2

Have been exploring France. We have investigated where France is in relation to England and we have discovered the many landmarks of Paris. The children have had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the paintings of Van Gogh and explore how to make a ride at Disneyland Paris. There is much more for us still to discover. We will look at the Tour De France and then organise our own Tour De Pytchley. Other French artists will give us inspiration for our work. We will explore the weather which enables tourists to ski, camp and sunbathe in different parts of France.

Class 2


We currently learning about Greece. We have found out where Greece is and what it would be like to live there and have learnt and performed a Greek dance. We then moved onto learning about Ancient Greece. We have looked at life as a Greek soldier and made our own shields. We have learnt about the Trojan horse story and the Battle of Marathon. Next we are looking at Greek myths and legends. Following this, we will look at ancient and modern Olympics and have our own mini Olympic Games in our PE lessons.

Class 3

We currently immersed in culturally vibrant China. Here we have been inspired by the amazing ancient architecture, stories of superstition and mystery. So far, we have learned where China is in the world and about its provinces, the location and the development of its panda reserves. There is a lot more to come as we step into China's relatively recent journey into space, Chinese traditional shadow puppetry and the captivating tales of ancient China and the discovery of the amazing Terracotta Warriors. In February, the children will put on a show containing dancing, Tai Chi and other events to display their learning.